Why Is My Pool Cloudy

Why Is My Pool Cloudy
Why Is My Pool Cloudy

Why Is My Pool Cloudy? And how do I clear it? Check it out.

And there are a few reasons it might be cloudy.

And the first reason is low sanitizers.

So you may not have enough Chlorine or Bromine or Salt or Minerals or BAQUACIL or whatever sanitizer you use, there may not be enough.

And when there’s not enough, things can get into your pool and cause it to become cloudy.

The second reason is you might have a filtration problem or even a circulation problem

which kinda go hand in hand.

If your filter is not doing a good job at filtering the water, which is what it’s supposed to do,then you can get cloudy water.

And if you have a Sand filter, basically the sand could start to be ineffective over time.

And so you may need to change the sand in your Sand filter.

If you have a DE filter, you may want to just do a quick backwash and change out the DE.

And if you have a Cartridge filter, you might be having issues with your cartridge, you may need to get it replaced.

Why Is My Pool Cloudy

That simple.

You can also change how your filter system is moving around or what the circulation is doing.

Because if you had the return jets coming into your pool, but you want to make sure the return jets are actually moving the water around so that that dirty water is getting into your skimmers so that your filter can actually filter it.

So if you have main drains in the bottom of your say Inground pool, you want to make sure that you’re pulling water from the bottom of your pool, as well as pulling from the top of your pool with your regular skimmers.

And you can angle some of the jets down towards the bottom so that it actually churns that dirty water from the bottom up to the surface so that those surface skimmers can pick it up.

The other thing, it might be is just general poor, Poor Water Chemistry, meaning like your pH could be high, your Alkalinity could be high and your pH and Alkalinity not balanced.

You could have high Calcium, you could have high Cyanuric acid or pool stabilizer or chlorine stabilizer or CYA goes by many names, but you could have high versions of this or even low versions of this.

And this is different from sanitizer because even high pH, alkalinity, calcium and cyanuric Acid can cause cloudy water.

Finally, it’d be algae could be something actually in your pool that’s causing the water to be cloudy,and algae is not always green.

It could be dead algae and dead algae can make your pool cloudy.

So how do we clear it?

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So how do we clear it?

First thing you could do, skim your pool, brush your pool, vacuum your pool.

General pool cleaning is always a good idea, you could Shock the pool

that’ll add the sanitizer that could fix your water chemistry.

It could kill algae, if that’s what’s doing it to your pool, you want to make sure that the pH and alkalinity are balanced, calcium hardness is at the right level.

If you’re using cyanuric acid or pool stabilizer, you want to make sure that’s in the right area too, you can also, you know if it’s not your filter system, and you’ve already kind of determined that and the filter system is running pretty good.

Run that filter system 24-7, because that’s going to help clear the water.

I mentioned before using the bottom drains again, if you have an Inground pool, you know, actually, you know getting water from
the bottom of your pool will help clear your water.

Okay, those are all the things you can do with really no aid whatsoever.

And I recommend doing all of those things if your waters cloudy.

But if you want to speed up the process a bit, there are two things you can do.

There are two chemicals you can add.

One is a Water Clarifier.

And this is what I recommend because what a Water Clarifier does is, takes all the little particles in your pool that kinda overall make your pool cloudy.

And all these little particles are really, really tiny and your filter may have a hard time picking them up.

So what a clarifier does is bind a few of those particles together and clumps them so that they’re a little bit bigger, so that your filter can actually have a better chance of picking up those bigger clumps.

Now, this is great, but it requires your filter system to do its job.

So it needs to be in tip top shape.

Worst case scenario,none of these things are working for you,you can use a chemical called Floc,which is short for Flocculent.

Basically, this does something similar to a clarifier where it clumps things together, but it sinks everything to the bottom of the pool.

So imagine your entire cloudy pool and it gets all that cloud that’s in your water is all of a sudden going to be at the very bottom.

So you’re going to see this as a thick, thick, white cloud at the bottom of your pool.

And this is great, because hey, technically most of the water is clear, but then you have to get that cloudy water out of your pool.

And this is why I recommend using a Clarifier over a Floc first because you’re gonna actually have to set up your manual vacuum cleaner and slowly vacuum that thick cloudy water out of your pool, not through your filter system, because it’s going to be so cloudy that your filter systems not gonna be powerful enough to clear it.

And you’re just going to blow that cloud directly back into your pool, which is going to defeat the purpose.

As soon as you move your vacuum through it, you’re gonna see it puff up and you’re gonna have to be really slow with the vacuum cleaner, and you’re gonna want that water directly out of your pool.

So those are all the things that can cause cloudy water and those are all the things that you can do to clear.

If there’s a Pool Care topic you’d like us to cover in a future video, please leave a comment to let us know.

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