9 Pool Cleaning Supplies You Absolutely Need

pool cleaning supplies
pool cleaning supplies

9 Pool Cleaning Supplies You Absolutely Need: Besides a good dose of sanitizer, what do you really need to keep your pool clean?

Well, before you run off to the store, you wanna make sure that you know, what’s a pool supply necessity?

Here are nine pool cleaning supplies that you absolutely need.

Check it out.

Pool Cleaning Supplies

Number one, water test strips.

water test strips.
Pool Cleaning Supplieswater test strips.

Regular water testing helps you know when you need to add chemicals to prevent nasty bacteria and algae and you wanna touch your water at least once a week, so back up on those test strips.

While they’re not as accurate as liquid test kits, they’re quick and easy to use.

This will help you keep track of things like free chlorine, total chlorine, calcium hardness, total alkalinity, pH, and cyanuric acid.

Number two, pull shock.

Pull shock is one of the great pool problem-solvers that you definitely wanna have on hand.

If your pool gets that nasty chemical chlorine smell.it actually means your sanitizer level is too low and it’s no longer doing its job.

Shocking your pool will bring sanitizer levels up where they need to be and will kill bacteria, it can also help with algae, so look for a shock with calcium hypochlorite AKA cal hypo shock.

Number three, an algae brush.

The first step to battling algae is scrubbing it off your pool surfaces.

So you’ll wanna make sure that you’ve got good pool algae to brush on hand.

The brush stainless steel bristles will help break up algae on walls, steps, and wherever else it may be hiding.

Now, if you have a fiberglass, vinyl, or a painted concrete pool, you’ll wanna use a brush with nylon bristles.

Number four: a manual vacuum.

manual vacuum
Pool Cleaning Supplies-manual vacuum

Like algae brush manual vacuum can be a lifesaver if you’ve got an allergy emergency.

Once you’ve brushed the algae from your pool services you’ll need to remove it from the water with a vacuum.

A manual vacuum gives you lots of control letting you get those hard-to-reach spaces that an automatic pool cleaner might miss.

Number five: skimmer or leaf net.

skimmer or leaf net
Pool Cleaning Supplies-skimmer or leaf net

This is probably the tool you’ll use the most.

A skimmer or leaf et lets you collect debris like leaves, buds, and twigs that are on or below the water surface.

Just keep in mind the cheaper ones tend to break often, so spending a few extra dollars on a high-quality skimmer or leaf net is definitely worth it.

This is the ultimate manual for every type of pool including in-ground, above-ground, and Intex blow-up pools.

The best part is we always keep it up to date, so once you buy it, you have access to the latest and greatest version for life.

Number six: a telescopic pole.

telescopic pole
Pool Cleaning Supplies-telescopic pole

The telescoping pole is great for reaching the depth of your pool without having to bend like a pretzel.

And because it retracts it doesn’t take up a lot of storage space.

Most telescopic poles come with an option for interchangeable heads, which means you only need one pole to use a skimmer net a manual vacuum, or a pool brush.

Number seven: a multipurpose surface cleaner.

multi-purpose surface cleaner
Pool Cleaning Supplies-multi-purpose surface cleaner

Well, good water chemistry goes a long way, regular surface cleaning is a must with your pool.

A mild multipurpose cleaner or a pool service cleaner is great for cleaning your water line or wiping down exposed parts like your pool ladder.

And to be honest when was the last time you gave that a thorough wipe down.

Make sure you choose a pool cleaner that’s safe for use on sensitive vinyl, fiberglass, and solar covers.

Number eight, a filter cleaner.

filter cleaner
Pool Cleaning Supplies-filter cleaner

A pool is only as clean as a filter and dirt and grime just naturally build up in your pool, filter over time.

Well, a little dirt isn’t a problem, there comes a point where your filter must be clean for it to properly function.

Filter cleaners help remove residue, prevent cloudy water and improve the efficiency of your filter.

Your filter cleaning schedule will depend on how often you use your pool and the type of filter that you have.

Pay attention to your pressure gauge and your water clarity to determine when your filter needs a good cleaning.

Finally, number nine, a pool cover.

pool cover
Pool Cleaning Supplies-pool cover

Okay, so what does a pool cover have to do with cleaning supplies?

Well, a pool cover is essential for keeping nasty debris out of your pool, and that’ll save you from constantly having to skim.

They’re also a must if you close your pool for the winter and it’s the difference between scooping out piles of old leaves and
restarting your pool ASAP.

And that’s it, those are the nine essential pool cleaning supplies.

If there’s a pool care topic, you’d like us to cover in a future article, please leave a comment to let us know.


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