Pool Clarifier Vs Flocculant

Pool Clarifier Vs Flocculant
Pool Clarifier Vs Flocculant

Pool Clarifier Vs Flocculant: If you’ve got cloudy pool water, should you use the pool clarifier or pool flocculant?

While they both help clear up a cloudy pool, it’s important to know which one to use and when.

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All right let’s start with the pool clarifier.

Pool clarifier contains polymers that clump together those nasty tiny particles that cloud up your pool.

When you add a clarifier to cloudy water, all those tiny particles coagulate together into bigger particles that your filter can actually capture.

Pool Clarifier Vs Flocculant

Clarifier benefits

A pool clarifier has a few benefits.

clarifier benefits
clarifier benefits

First, it’s less work.

Just add the pool clarifier to your water and wait for your filter to do its job.

Second, it’s good for mild cloudiness.

If your pool is just a little cloudy, but you can still see through it, a clarifier is the way to go.

Third, it saves water.

It helps your filter to work more efficiently so you won’t have to remove any water from your pool to clear things up.

And finally, it can be used anytime.

Even when your pool’s not cloudy, you can add a little clarifier to give your pool that water clearing boost.

Clarifier cons

But of course, clarifier has a few drawbacks.

Clarifier cons
Clarifier cons

First, it works slowly.

It may be a few days before your pool is completely clear depending on how cloudy it is.

Secondly, you’ll need to clean the filter.

Once the clarifier has worked, all those clumped particles will be in your filter which means it’ll need a good cleaning.

Okay, let’s move on to pool flocculant AKA pool floc.

Just like a pool clarifier, pool floc coagulates together particles but it creates larger clumps that sink to the bottom of the pool.

These can’t be removed by your filter and must be removed with a manual vacuum.

Pool flocculant benefits

Pool flocculant benefits
Pool flocculant benefits

What are the benefits of using pool floc?

Well for one, it works quickly.

You won’t have to wait days for your pool to clear.

Particles clump together at the bottom of your pool in a matter of hours and it’s effective.

No particles get left behind so you won’t get stuck with cloudy spots in your pool.

And it’s ideal for sand filters and DE filters.

Sand and DE filters usually have multi-port valves with a waste setting.

That means it’s easy to bypass the filter when vacuuming out the clumped particles and flocculant.

Pool flocculant cons

Pool flocculant cons
Pool flocculant cons

But of course, pool floc has a few drawbacks.

It’s definitely more work.

Once the clumps form at the bottom of your pool, you will need to remove them with a manual pool vacuum.

And when you vacuum, it may stir those particles back up clouding your pool again.

Now if this happens, take a break and allow those particles to resettle.

Then begin vacuuming again.

You may want to vacuum two or three times to remove all of the clumps and you want to vacuum slowly.

Secondly, you’ll lose pool water.

When you vacuum the clumps out, you will need to vacuum to waste to bypass the filter.

Your water level will decrease and you will need to replace what’s been lost.

Finally, you cannot use a pool floc with a cartridge filter.

You do not want flocculant in your filter.

That heavy-duty floc will block everything else.

That’s why you have to bypass your filter when you vacuum.

So unless you have a custom plumbing setup that allows for this, you won’t be able to use this with a cartridge filter.

Should you use clarifier or flocculant?

Should you use clarifier or flocculant
Should you use a clarifier or flocculant

So which one should you use?

If you want your water clear ASAP or you’ve got a really cloudy pool, then go for pool floc.

The vacuum intakes more work but it’s faster.

If you just opened your pool or it’s just a little cloudy, opt for the pool clarifier.

You’ll also have to use a pool clarifier if you can’t vacuum to waste or bypass your filter.

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