10 Off-Season Pool Maintenance

Off-Season Pool Maintenance
Off-Season Pool Maintenance

Off-Season Pool Maintenance:we’re talking about some key things that you can do to take care of your swimming pool.

When it’s closed.

These tips could ensure that you have a clear opening this spring.

Taking care of your pool in the off-season is important.

If you wanna open up your pool clear in the spring and I asked 10 pool professionals what their tips for off-season pool care are?

10 Off-Season Pool Maintenance

And number one is using a Poly-Quat Algaecide under the cover right before you’re about to open it.

So once the pool gets warm and you’re not ready to open it yet add a little bit of algaecide in the actual water under the cover to prevent any algae from growing.

Number two, constantly check your filter system for any water buildup, any water can freeze, expand and crack any plastic in your pool.

So just make sure if you see any water get rid of it, drain it, dump it out somewhere but make sure it’s not in your filter system.

Number three may seem obvious but it’s keeping your pool cover free and clear of debris because number one, it makes
it looks good all season long.

And number two, it’ll actually make it easier to take off the cover in the spring.

Number four is similar to tip number one and that is to add a little bit of liquid chlorine.

If you’re not ready to open up your pool but the weather is getting warmer because that it’s a perfect time for algae to grow.

And if you’re not ready to just add a little bit of liquid chlorine to prevent algae from growing.

Number five is to check your winter cover periodically to make sure it’s properly fitted.

If you have an above ground pool, you wanna make sure that cable and winch is tied around your pool.

If you have an in-ground pool, that’s just a tarp cover.

Make sure your water bags are filled and none of them have fell into the pool.

And if you have a safety cover just to make sure your Springs are nice and tight and the cover isn’t sagging.

Number six is to pay attention to the weather.

I know some of you probably already do this but if it’s gonna rain, you’re gonna make sure that if it does rain and collects some type of cover that you have a winter cover pump the pump that off.

If it snows again you’re gonna want to take that snow off.

And if it’s warmer, you’re gonna want to add either an algaecide or look up chlorine to make sure that you don’t have any algae blooms.

Number seven is to use an enzyme chemical to break down any non-living organic contaminants.

This could include Birch pollen or bathers swimmer grossness.

So you can use a chemical like pool perfect.

And you can add it under the cover to get rid of that any of those contaminants.

Also, if you get, a ring around the pool in the springtime, this will actually help prevent that.

Number eight, If you have an above ground pool, make sure that your air pillow is inflated and make sure you actually use an air pillow when you close your pool because an air pillow helps protect your walls against ice damage because the water can freeze the ice expands and it expands against your pool walls.

A pillow in the middle of your pool will actually contract and take all that absorption from the ice expansion.

Number nine is check your water level. Now it could be either high or low.

If it’s low, you’re gonna wanna fill it up so that your cover doesn’t sag.

And if it’s high, you’re gonna wanna drain it.

So it doesn’t overflow in your pool.

So if you have a high water level make sure you use a winter cover pump or a sub pump to drain that out.

And if it’s low, just add some water underneath the cover to fill it back up.

And finally, number ten is to protect your cover from snow weight.

Sometimes in the middle of the winter, you’ll get a lot of snow and that snow can weigh down the cover and it could put a lot of stress on a safety cover and pull water bags in.

If you have a top cover or it could start to pull in your pool walls, if you have a above ground pool.

So just make sure you use a long soft broom to just wipe off any snow.

That’s accumulating on top of the cover.

Now that’s all 10 tips, but there’s just one more bonus tip.

Yeah, it’s a bonus tip.

Today’s bonus tip is brought to you by the art of pool care which is a downloadable illustrated guide that I created all about taking care of your pool and winterization.

And it’s true.

If you close later in the season and you open up early in the spring you will actually probably open up pretty clear because especially if we have those extended summers the pool water is still warm and that’s a perfect time for algae to grow.

And if it starts to get warmer in the spring-like early spring, again, algae can start to grow.

So if you, open, if you close it later and open it early you’ll have a better chance of opening it clear in the spring.


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