Intex 10×30 Pool Review

Intex 10x30 Pool Review
Intex 10x30 Pool Review

Intex pool review: I have an Intex Pool Review for you. I have here the Intex Metal Frame Pool.

With a height of 3.1 m and a height of 70 cm.

Or if you want, 10′ diameter with a height of 30″.

First, we will do the unboxing, then we’ll do the setup of the Intex pool, then we’ll swim around in it, and then we’ll give you
a review of it as well!

We will get started straight away, I just wanted to let you know that Yalla Toys in Qatar gave this pool to us.

So if you want to order one and you are in Qatar, you can just order one online from their website very easily..

If you are somewhere else in the world, you will find the link for your area there as well.

Alright, let’s go and get started!!

Wow, an Intex Pool! Unboxing –

In the box of this Intex Metal Frame Pool you will find the following items:

1 pack of 10-foot pads A paper manual

2 bags of 5 T-connectors each A small bag of valves and plugs

The metal tubes are all packed together, with the 10 thinner ones, inside the 10 thicker ones.

And the pool liner itself.

Setup – The it’s time to prepare the surface.

Make sure to put it somewhere level and smooth.

We re-used some yoga mats for this.

Both to protect the pool liner and to make it more comfortable when swimming.

Now it’s time to layout the pool liner itself.

When you do this, pay attention to where the filter pump valves and the drain valve are.

Intex Pool Review

Intex 10x30 Pool Review
Intex 10×30 Pool Review

So it’s easy to connect them later.

And also, drain the pool if you have to.

Then you can unpack the metal tubes.

The thinner tubes are inside the thicker tubes.

The thick ones or for the horizontal edge of the pool, and the thin ones are the vertical supports.

Ok, once you have laid out the pool in the position that you want it to be.

And rotated it so that the valves for the pump are in the right location.

And also the drain valve which is behind me there.

Then you are ready to put the edge of the pool itself together.

Which are the thick tubes, together with all these connecting pieces.

So basically inside there, and then in here in the liner.

And then you work your way all around.

You start from one position, and you move in the same direction all around the pool.

Don’t start at many different places, because then it makes it harder to connect the last few.

Alright, so we will try and demonstrate that.

And if you want to help them slide through here a little bit, you could use some talcum powder.

And that will also make it easier at the end of the season to take it apart again.

Alright, let’s do this Yosha!

Getting the last T-connector in place was a little tricky.

We disconnected an earlier one, then connected the one that would have been last, and then

went back to the disconnected one.

This way it was a little easier.

You can also lift the connector a little while leaving the rest of the pool on the floor.

That will make it easier to put it in place.

You are then ready to put the thinner vertical tubes in place, which will lift the whole pool up.

Put them inside the band at the bottom first, and then insert them into the T-connectors.

Of course, now you can also put the black footpads at the bottom of these tubes.

Ok now we can have a final check if the pool is in the right position, and then we can start filling it up with water!

Let’s put some water in!

But first, let’s show it to the rest of the family.

Swim – Alright it’s a new day!

The setup yesterday was not too difficult.

We’ll discuss it in the review later on as well.

But now let’s fill it up with water, and see how it is!

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Ok, let’s fill it up!

Ok, let’s throw in some toys!

Cheers ladies!!

Review – Ok time to start the review for this Intex Pool.

So we’ll start with the setup.

The setup itself actually took us 40 minutes.

And that’s my daughter Yosha and myself.

Ahh, I thought that really wasn’t too bad.

The hardest part of putting it together was probably connecting the last corner piece.

These things here.

As you can see in the setup part of the articles, we worked ourselves all the way around.

Then we came to the last corner piece, we actually left that.

We went to the opposite side and disconnected that corner piece again, then connected the one that was going to be last.

Then we went to the opposite side again and put that one together.

If that makes any sense.

Also when putting the last one together.

If you lift that up while leaving the rest of the pool on the ground, that does help a little bit as well.

And then it really isn’t too bad.

As to the materials of the pool, nothing wrong with that at all.

The canvas itself is really fine, nothing wrong with that.

And the metal tubes are of a good diameter, they don’t flex at all, I think they will last a very long time.

About the design of the construction.

It’s really quite simple, there are 10 horizontal pieces, there are 10 vertical pieces, then you get these corner pieces, and then, of course, the footpads, for the metal tubes as well.

And that’s all there is to it.

So it’s nice and simple, and that makes it very durable.

Another thing I love about this pool is its mobility.

You can basically have a pool wherever you like it.

Provided the surface is nicely flat and smooth, and strong enough to hold the weight.

There are about 4500 liters of water in this pool when it’s completely full.

Then you are absolutely fine and you can swim everywhere!

The depth of this pool is pretty good.

It’s 76 centimeters tall, or 30 inches pretty much.

Which means you have a nice good depth to swim in.

And not all mobile pools are actually the same height, so it’s something to pay attention to.

Another thing I must really mention is the round shape of this pool.

I don’t know what it is about it but it just feels bigger, there’s more space to move around in it.

Of course, if you want there are those rectangular-shaped pools as well.

The one downside may be to this particular kit is that it doesn’t include any cleanings chemicals or tools or a filter pump.

So when you’re ordering this pool, make sure that you are ordering those things as well at the same time.

Plus other pool-related content, so be sure to check that out somewhere else on the channel.

Did you know that Yalla Toys have a huge stock of summer toys ready for you to enjoy?


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