Intex Pool Maintenance Kit Review

Intex Pool Maintenance kit
Intex Pool Maintenance kit

Intex Pool Maintenance Kit: I’ll tell you all about this Bestway Maintenance Kit by Flowclear, that you can use for any Bestway or Intex mobile pool.

Let’s get started straight away!

Alright, here is the Bestway Maintenance Kit by Flowclear, and let’s look at the contents of the package!

So here we go, to open it is a little tricky, but I’ve done that already.

There we are, the right first thing that rolls out is this lightweight pole, that you can use with the vacuum head or with the skimmer net.

So it is indeed very super lightweight and it seems pretty strong.

We’ll try it out in a little bit.

And on the lightweight pole, you can attach this vacuum head.

That’s in there.

And you can also attach this skimmer net.

It seems fine, the mesh looks pretty fine, good to me.

Then we have this chemical floater so I guess you can insert your chlorine tablets and then change the setting as well, we’ll see how that goes.

Here we have a pool thermometer.

In Fahrenheit and Celsius.

So that should be pretty easy.

They included even pool test strips.

I think there are 50 in there in total so we’ll try those out as well.

And it looks like it’s with a little color scheme.

And then behind here, I even saw a full patch repair set.

For if you have any damage.

And they seem to be self-stick, so it should be good.

All right, just a quick overview of all the things together.

Next, we’ll go out and try all the different bits in the pool itself, see what they’re like and give you a quick review.

Ok, first we’ll try the skimmer head, on the lightweight pole.

Let’s put it together.

Perfect, it’s ready to go, let’s see!

Ok so let’s try out the skimmer net in the water.

I chose not that directly but I guess it pretty easy to use if there were any flies on the top that’s what I got a pretty clean pool so far so we’re lucky okay that’s the skimming net okay let’s try a little more take let’s put it inside cool why do you think it’s reading let’s
see can you see it.

thank you perfect okay let’s look at the chemical clothing we got some instructions inside.

I’ve got my chlorine tablets which actually are not included in the package nice and I hear this now upside down is the regulator so you can close completely or open completely to regulate how fast or slow just put it in the pool come see all right.

Intex Pool Maintenance kit

Next, we’ll try to vacuum it so it works by just connecting the hose and putting water onto it, and then the action of the water going through here will create a suction effect that should suck the dirt out of the so first thing this piece take it off and squeeze the whole bit.

Okay, cool that’s done and then I can screw this on to it perfect and I’ll take that Oh get the skimmer ahead oh yeah so let’s try out how that works okay you’re sure can you switch on the water okay yeah.

So you can see I did suck a little bit of dirt up my pool was not very dirty so there isn’t a lot so there you go with a little bit of patience it does suck up the dirt and if that works fine as well.

Next is the pool test strips there you go on the bottle itself there are all the color indications to see the results and there’s 50 inside here and they’re packed in different sealed and of course, we want to keep them as dry as possible soon as one gets wet that’s it doesn’t use it anymore then I’ll just dip it in the water.

Take it out wait for 15 seconds and see what happens okay cool so we have three strips the free chlorine surround there so it’s a smiley middle one should be a little darker so no tie deals should be a bit darker and then the bottom one total alkalinity we have it’s a little bit yellow so it’s no perfect.

Danko Thanks for your indicator strip okay and the last thing I have is the repair patches there are actually nine of them these structures are on the back as well.

So just for as dry and clean the surface stick it on there and then it says to wait 30 minutes and then you’re good to go
all right so those are included it does not alright then so that’s the best way maintenance kit buy flow clear.

Review of the pros and cons of this maintenance kit so the pros are that it’s very easy to use there are lots of different products all in one package I think it’s good value for money as well and the nice thing about the vacuum hat is that it doesn’t need any filter pump to work with it just connects onto your house.

And then it’s ready to go so lots of flexibility there if there are any cons yeah the material is a little bit lightweight, so it’s best to handle it carefully but the good side of that I suppose is that it makes it super easy to lift a nice and easy to use all right and thanks for watching hopefully it was helpful to give me alike if it was so and you might also be interested in some of my other articles.

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