How to Stop Algae In Your Pool From Returning

How to Stop Algae In Your Pool
How to Stop Algae In Your Pool

How to Stop Algae In Your PoolFrom Returning? Why do pool algae keep coming back into my pool?

I have skimmed, I’ve vacuumed and I’ve run my pool pump nonstop.

I’ve used algaecide and then I shocked the heck out of it.

It went away and everything was fine, but now it’s back.

And the thing that’s starting to worry me is that when I backwash my filter, it normally comes out clean but then it clears up, but now it’s coming out green again.

So the algae just keep coming back and there are a few reasons why that could happen.

Check it out.

The first and probably the biggest reason is a lack of sanitation or neglect.

So if you’re not keeping your sanitizer level in your pool at a normal operating level that’s recommended for that particular type of sanitizer, in this case, let’s say it’s chlorine,

you need to keep your chlorine at three parts per million.

If your chlorine dips below that at any given time, it goes to zero.

How to Stop Algae In Your Pool From Returning

During that time at zero your pool is susceptible to algae growth, it’s gonna happen, so obviously we don’t want that to happen, which is why we have things like automatic chlorinators that just constantly add chlorine to your pool.

We just wanna make sure that there’s always chlorine in your pool or always a sanitizer in your pool.

That’s the first line of defense and you know, you really wouldn’t need an algaecide if that was the case, because chlorine is
tactical, it kills algae and algae can not grow in a pool that has sanitizer.

Another reason it could be your chemistry is out of whack so maybe your pH and alkalinity are low, maybe they’re high, maybe your calcium’s low, maybe it’s high, and when these things are low, even though you might have enough sanitizer in the water, it’s not gonna be nearly as effective if those things are not in balance.

So if you put those things in balance and you have enough sanitizer you are protecting your pool from an algae infestation.

The other reason it could be is poor circulation.

So if you have parts of your pool that is just not being circulated well, you have like these corners, crevices, underneath ladders or on steps and you’re just not churning all of that water and letting it go through your filter system, well a couple of things are happening.

One, you’re not dispersing the chemicals through your water enough and those little pockets can start breeding algae, and then it can get very out of control at that point.

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The other thing it could be is floats, bathing suits, things that you may be took to the ocean maybe, or to a lake or you took
it out of your pool, you take it somewhere else, maybe you take took it to somebody else’s pool that has an algae problem, and now you’re adding that back to your pool and it’s just gonna keep coming back.

Because even if you go and kill all the algae that first happened, then you have this float that you didn’t kill the algae on and it’s just gonna keep adding the algae back to your pool and so that could be it.

It could be bathing suits, so just wash those, disinfect your floats.

You can use, you know, a mild bleach solution if you want to, just to kind of kill any bacteria or algae spores that are on your floats or your pool cleaning equipment, any of that.

And here’s the thing.

If you didn’t get rid of it the first time that could be the problem, right?

So maybe you had all this green water, you had all these algae and you tried to get rid of it but you really didn’t get rid of all of it, you didn’t do a good job brushing, you know, cause if you have a little crevice somewhere and you didn’t brush the algae out of that crevice to get it into the water and then, you know, shock the heck out of it and killed it, well it’s still there and it’s just gonna keep coming back.

So you have to make sure that you’re really killing the algae.

So if you have algae currently, you brush the entire pool, you vacuum the pool, you skim the pool, you get all of that algae off the walls cause it likes to cling to walls and steps and all the other things in your pool, so get it off, get it mixed into the water.

You wanna chlorinate it so that it kills it.

Now when you do that, you’re gonna kill all the algae and that’s gonna be great and you’re gonna keep filtering, but at that point, you wanna make sure that your sanitizer level is always good and that your chemistry is always good and that you have good
circulation after that and then the algae will not come back.

That’s it.


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