How To Open An Above Ground Pool

How To Open An Above Ground Pool
How To Open An Above Ground Pool

How To Open An Above Ground Pool? If you’re ready to open your above-ground pool, you’ve got two options.

Pay someone to do it for you or save money and learn these 11 simple steps to opening your pool.

All you need is a friend, the right supplies, and a little elbow grease, and you’ll be swimming again in no time.

Before we dive right into opening up an above-ground pool, you’ll need to have the right supplies.

You’ll need a pool cover pump, a soft broom or a skimmer net, a winter cover cleaner or some carwash soap, a start-up chemical kit, and a friend to help.

Hopefully, you have a friend, right?

So, now that we’ve got the necessary supplies.

Let’s walk through the 11 steps to get your above-ground pool open.

How To Open An Above Ground Pool

Step number 1. Clean your winter pool cover.

Your first priority is removing all the water, leaves, and debris from your pool cover.

A submersible pool cover pump will help you remove the water or you can use a regular sump pump.

Use a soft broom or a skimmer net to remove the leaves and other debris but be gentle because you don’t want to accidentally rip your cover.

Step number 2. Remove the winter pool cover.

Ask a friend to help you carefully remove the cover and try to keep that leftover debris from falling into the pool.

And if you’ve installed a pool air pillow,

be sure to remove it along with your cup.

Step number 3. Clean and store your winter pool cover.

Find a large clear area in your yard and spread your pool cover flat.

Wash your cover with water, cover cleaner or carwash soap, and a scrub brush or rubber broom.

Scrub it thoroughly, but gently.

The more you take care of your cover, the longer it’ll last.

And make sure that you let your cover dry thoroughly before storing it to avoid any damage from moisture and mold and stash it in a durable tightly sealed storage container to keep it safe from critters throughout the summer.

Step number 4. Remove winter pool plugs and ice compensators.

Check all around your pool and remove winter plugs from the openings, including return jets or eyeball fittings and the skimmer bucket.

If you use an ice compensator in your skimmer bucket, be sure to remove that too.

Re-install all the skimmer baskets and return jets into the return lines.

If you’ve used the skimmer plate also called a skimmer cover during the winter, make sure that you remove it.

A skimmer plate helps keep the water out of your skimmer during the winter while keeping your pool filled.

Once it’s gone, water can flow easily when you reactivate your pool’s filter system.

Step number 5. Add water to your pool.

Make sure your pool is filled to the halfway mark of your skimmer’s opening and when you add water, use a host filter to
filter out any impurities.

Real quick, before we continue if you’re looking for an easy follow tutorial that’ll answer all your pool questions.

Step number 6. Reinstall your deck equipment.

It sounds obvious, but you need to reinstall your deck gear at some point.

This means ladders, steps, or lifts, and be sure to check each part for rust or other damage.

Step number 7.Set up your pump filter and other equipment.

It’s now time to bring your pool’s hardware back to life after the long winter’s nap.

So first, you want to add back all the plugs to the drains and the pressure gates to your pool filter system pump and other equipment.

Now, you’ll need to attach your systems hose’s to your equipment.

First, connect the skimmer to the pool pump then connect the pump to the filter and then connect the filter to the heater coordinator or any other extra equipment you might have.

If you don’t have any of these, attach the hose directly into the return inlet.

And if you have a multi-port valve, make sure it’s turned to the filter position.

Step number 8. Start your pump and filter.

It’s time to fire it up.

Make sure the system starts and check for any leaks or drips and make sure the ground wires are properly connected to the pump.

If your system is running dry, you may need to prime the pool pump.

You could do this by shutting off your filter system, removing the pump lid, and adding water with a garden hose or a bucket of pool water.

This will give the pump the boost it needs to start pulling the water.

Put the pump lid back on, tighten it up and restart the system then backwash your filter after you start your filter system up.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, when backwashing any filter.

Step number 9. Clean your pool.

Your pool must be clean before you add any start-up chemicals.

You want to brush your pool, including the walls and any hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

Hey, if your friend is still around get them to help too and while you’re at it, you should vacuum your pool.

Once you’re finished cleaning, skim the surface of the water to collect any leftover debris.

Step number 10. Add your start-up chemicals.

Get your test strips or liquid test kit and test the pool water to make sure that all the chemicals are properly balanced.

You can also take a sample of your water to the nearest pool dealer and have them test it for you.

Once you’ve got your pool water balanced, you want to shock your pool.

Use two pounds of Pool Shock for every 10,000 gallons of pool water or five gallons of liquid shock for every 20,000 gallons of pool water.

This is a double shock which is twice the normal amount of shock.

This will give your pool a sanitizing whammy to make sure that the water is ready for swimming.

And remember, don’t forget to shock your pool at night or dusk to keep sunlight from burning off the shock too quickly.

Step number 11. Run the pool pump.

After you’ve done all of this work, let your pool pump run for at least 24 hours.

Vacuum out any debris that appears.

Retest the pool water and if the results look good, grab your swimsuit, dive right in.

That’s it.

That’s everything you need to know about opening up an above-ground pool.

If you missed anything or have any questions please leave a comment to let us know and to help your fellow pool owners.


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