How To Level The Ground For A Pool

How To Level The Ground For A Pool
How To Level The Ground For A Pool

How To Level The Ground For A Pool? you how to level out the ground for your above-ground swimming pool.

And what we have here, is well we had in the 27-foot pool that we had for a long time that was getting rusted out so we had to take it down and throw it away and I got another pool that’s a 24 inch.

I’m sorry 24 feet in the diameter swimming pool.

And the previous pool was a good pool but we definitely could have done a better job in leveling the ground.

We had some high spots and some low spots in it.

And so for what we did here, this is the site of where the previous pool was.

And for the 24-foot diameter pool, it’s gonna be a little bit smaller.

What we did, I went to Home Depot and I bought a 12-foot board and I got a piece of metal rebar right there.

And I drilled a hole at the end of the board, turned it sideways, and hammered the rebar down in the middle of the pool area.

That is how do we want to do.

We decided that we would come more this way towards the front and have some of the extra overlaps more so in the back that wouldn’t show as much.

And so we got the little level that we have.

You probably may have a better level.

That’s a little small one.

Duct tape needed to go all the way around the bottom of it.

How To Level The Ground For A Pool

Duct tape kept coming off, but you can see how the board that I got is very heavy.

I’ve seen another person put up the weight on their board, But anyway this board is very heavy, but you still need to kind of push down on it to trim off the sand.

So what we did, I had my son and wife out here helping me awhile ago and push down on the board and the high spots and just kept going around and around and around and kind of circling around.

Also got a piece of rope fresh piece of rope and a metal eyelet at the end of the board.

And we just pulled it around the outside watching the level, using the shovel and the rake to thin it out as we go, and honestly, it looks pretty good.

We had spots that were low we had to come back with sand from the edges and kind of fill in the gaps so to speak.

For the most part, it turned out pretty well.

Pretty happy with everything, you can see the new pool is over there on my trailer.

It’s going to have a saltwater system which I’ve never had before which I’m excited to see how that will do.

Supposedly a whole lot less maintenance, a lot less work.

But if you have a pool that you’re going to put down, you definitely need to have a level place to do so and this is a pretty cool, pretty cool way to do it and you just grab this rope just pull it around and just watch the level all the way around and spread out the sand as you need to.

So, a pretty good way to do it and I hope this is helpful to somebody.


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