How To Keep Pool Clean

How To Keep Pool Clean
How To Keep Pool Clean

How To Keep Pool Clean? I’ll show you the three simple steps that you have to do to keep your Bestway pool or your Intex pool nice and clean, and the water super clear. Let’s go!

There are three simple steps you have to do to keep the water in your Bestway pool or Intex pool nice and clear.

They’re very simple to do, it won’t take long at all. And in this article, I’ll show you exactly what they are.

None of these steps are very difficult to do, but if you skip only just one of them, you might end up with a pool that has water that is green or a little bit murky.

Or with the pool walls or floor becoming very slippery.

So if you want to avoid that, just watch these three steps and you are good to go!

The first step to keep your Intex pool or Bestway mobile pool nice and clean is to actually wipe it regularly with a cloth or to brush it with a pool brush, or any brush you can find really.

After a few days, when you have your swimming pool set up like this, small microorganisms start to actually grow on the surfaces
or on the bottom of the pool.

They’re called algae and if you leave them on they can grow further.

But if you brush them off with a wipe or with a brush itself, then they’ll get suspended in the water and it’s much harder for them to grow.

And that’s not the only thing to do.

Let’s move on to step two to keep your pool looking nice and clean.

Step number two is to actually add chemicals to your pool.

And the most common pool chemical to use is actually chlorine.

Chlorine normally comes in tablets so I’ve got some here. I actually got them in this container and the tablets look something like this.

How To Keep Pool Clean

Got it wrapped in plastic right now because they are quite smelly.

And that’s it. Of course, what you don’t want to do is just take the tablet and throw it into the pool because then it starts
eating away at the pool canvas.

And it ends up with a white spot instead of blue and if you leave it a little bit longer I’m pretty sure it’s gonna even
eat a hole into the pool so that’s gonna destroy it very quickly so what you actually need is one of these chemical floaters.

So you just dump the tablet in there you can open it put the tablet in and close it again and then here you can set the opening if you want it to dispense fast or very slowly and that mainly depends on the size of your pool.

And then secondary also on your local climate but mainly the size of the pool.

My pool is quite small so I don’t need much of an opening to put it in there and then you make sure that it dissolves into the water nice and gradually and it keeps going so if you’re looking for afloat or any of those tablets again.

Once, you’ve got those two steps done you are a long way along already but to make it even better let’s go to step three.

Alright so step number three and is to actually add a filter pump to your pool kind of like this one here so what the filter pump does is actually circulates the water in the pool and that means that.

If there is any dirt floating around in the pool itself the moving water will pick it up and it will suck it through the tubes into this pump and clean it out of the pool and the second thing that also happens is to have good circulation with the water and the chemicals in the pool.

So they can mix properly and the chlorine can actually do its work to keep the water nice and healthy and nice and clear one thing you have to remember though with of course the dirt that comes out of the pool and is sucked into the filter pump.

The dirt does not just disappear, it actually stays inside the filter pump so you do have to regularly clean the filter inside and especially when you notice that the flow going into the pool.

Or out of the pool has become quite a bit less it’s most likely that the filter inside the pump is a little bit dirty.

So you have to actually open it up takes the filter out just rinse it.

With a powerful jet of water or just under the tap whatever you actually have available put it back in and switch the pump back on and it would be really good if you can actually do this daily then you’ll definitely get the best results if you cannot slightly less than that is probably fine as well so like every other day or so.

And those are the three simple steps to keep your Bestway Pool or Intex pool looking nice and clean and the water very clear as well then I do have some extra tips for you things that I’ve seen often posted in the comments.

So let me take you through some of the most common issues that actually happen with pools so one of the common things that I
read quite often in the comments will all my pool is actually that the water in the pool has become really cloudy like maybe kind of green or it does look really milky or murky so what do you do then.

Do you have to actually drain the water in the pool?

Or is there another way to fix it?

So there is actually this thing called pool shock treatment which actually will give a very high dose of chlorine to the pool to clear up the water really fast like within a day or so so that is something.

That’s gonna clear up the chemicals in the pool really fast and after that, you can resume with the normal chlorine tablets that I showed you earlier so that is something you could try if that still doesn’t work then you might have to make sure that your filter is working properly and that you’ve also as I said.

In step one: brushed all the surfaces inside the pool properly if that still doesn’t work then there might be some other problem
with the chemical composition of the water in your pool.

The second tip I thought of is that you might actually have trouble with operating the filter pump that you come with your pool.

So I have an Intex filter pump me and I actually made the troubleshooting articles for that pump to cover various common problems with the pump and it’s already helped a lot of people to actually get their pump working properly again.

I noticed that makes a big difference when you actually turn on the filter pump for the day instead of just leaving it just
jump into the pool just before you turn it on.

And go with the brush and brush all the sand that’s lying on the pool floor and the small bits of debris so they become suspended in the water and then when you turn on the pump it can easily suck out all those bits and your pool will turn out even cleaner.

So it’s a little bit more work but it really makes a big difference to make your pool looking really nice and clear.

Awesome alright so the last thing I thought I would mention to actually help you out is controlling the temperature of your

So I’m actually living in Qatar it’s in the middle of the summer right now.

So the temperatures during mid-day are approaching 50 degrees Celsius which is around 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

So I just want my pool always as cool as possible so what I’ve actually made is this solar shade cover out of an old bedsheet and an old kitesurf kite.

I have been sewing it all together and when the sun is shining.

I put it right over the top of the pool and it does actually lower the temperature of the pool by about 5 degrees Celsius.

So I think that’s a huge difference and because of that, we can actually now still use the pool so it’s quite amazing but we also tried is use huge ice blocks to lower the temperature of the pool but that was a bit of a hassle but a lot.

I’m sure you know by now where you can find a link to that one and if you actually are in a colder climate and you want to keep your pool nice and cold there’s also solar coverage that you can get for the pool itself that actually use the sun’s energy to keep as much heat of it inside the pool and apparently.

They’re very effective too so again have an idea where you can find a link to those products and that’s it that’s all I came up with for this article all right.

For the three basic steps for Intex pool and Bestway pool maintenance to keep it looking nice and clear like this one behind me here I hope the articles was useful for you if it was then, please give me a like if you didn’t like it then, of course, click the dislike and just to sure make sure you click it twice and of course, if you still have any questions or you want to tell me something then write in the comments.


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