How To Keep Bees And Wasps Away From Your Pool

How To Keep Bees And Wasps Away From Your Pool
How To Keep Bees And Wasps Away From Your Pool

How To Keep Bees And Wasps Away From Your Pool? Nothing can ruin your pool time faster than a bee problem, and even worse, having wasps hanging around.

Luckily there are a few things you can do to keep bees and wasps away from your pool, so check it out.

How To Keep Bees And Wasps Away From Your Pool

Number one: give the bees an alternative water source.

Bees buzz around your pool because they’re looking for a place to drink, so if you provide them with another water source, like a shallow birdbath or a dish, they’ll find your pool a little less attractive and if you set up this water source before you open your pool for the season, the bees will then establish that as their water source instead of your pool.

Number two: use dryer sheets.

Dryer sheets actually repel insects and they’re a cheap option for deterring bees from your pool.

Try placing a few dryer sheets around your pool, like in your patio furniture.

Number three: keep your food and drinks covered.

Sweet-smelling and sticky things like a soda can attract these unwanted pool guests, so keep a lid on your drink and food when possible.

Number four: avoid wearing bright colors.

Anything really colorful like swimsuits and towels can attract bees.

Number five: change up your landscaping.

If you have a serious bee problem, consider changing up the flower arrangement in your yard.

It may be as simple as moving these bee-friendly plants far away from your pool.

Number six: make your pool water move.

To a bee, turbulent water means danger, so bees will avoid landing near it.

You can use an automatic pool cleaner or turn on your pool jets to make the surface of the water move and ripple.

Now, unfortunately, wasps are a bit tougher to get rid of than bees.

They’re also a lot scarier.

But here are a few tips specifically for wasps.

Number one: use a decoy wasp’s nest.

Wasps are very territorial and don’t like living near other wasps.

You can buy fake wasp nests and hang them away from your pool and your house.

Place them early in the pool season before the real wasps start building their own nests.

Number two: try using raw meat.

If you’re enjoying a picnic or a barbecue, you’ve probably noticed that wasps are attracted to meat so you can try hanging a bit of raw meat in other parts of your yard and as far away from your pool as possible to draw the wasps away.

Just don’t use too much meat or leave it out for too long because it’ll start to rot.

And number three: call in a professional.

If you have a serious wasp problem, don’t hesitate to call in a professional like a pest control company.

Make sure you tell them that you want the wasps relocated and not sprayed with insecticide.

The last thing you need is toxic chemicals blowing into your pool water or landing on your grass.

And that’s it.

That’s how to keep bees and wasps away from your swimming pool.

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