How To Get Sand Out Of Your Pool

How To Get Sand Out Of Your Pool
How To Get Sand Out Of Your Pool

How To Get Sand Out Of Your Pool? Sand might be nice at the beach, but it’s no fun when it starts to collect in your pool.

So where did the sand come from and how do you get it out?

Luckily getting sand out of your pool and keeping it out, is simpler than it seems.

Check it out. easy to use guide to help you keep track of taking care of your pool.

First, why do I have sand in my pool?

Well, the likely culprit is your sand filter.

Finding sand in your pool means one or more parts of your sand filter have broken.

And that means the filter is no longer functioning the way it should.

And it’s helpful to understand a little bit about your sand filter before we move on.

How To Get Sand Out Of Your Pool

So inside a sand filter is a standpipe.

The standpipe runs down to the center of the sand to a manifold at the bottom, with a bunch of laterals connected to it.

The entire standpipe system is made of rigid, strong plastic, but any part of it can crack over time and that means sand in your pool.

Water pours into the stand through the top of your filter and makes its way down through the sand where small debris and contaminants are filtered from the water.

Now, once it reaches the bottom of the filter, then now clean water is expelled back into the pool through the return jets.

Now at the bottom of the filter are laterals that allow the water to pass through the filter, but not sand.

If one or more of the laterals crack that means sand can easily pass through and get into your pool along with the clean water.

Sand can also get into your pool between the standpipe and the multi-port connection at the top of the filter.

This means the O-ring or the washer is likely worn out and needs to be replaced.

So maybe the filter was moved which shifted the standpipe and cracked the laterals, or maybe your filter is just old and the parts have worn out, no matter what happens, you’ve got two problems to fix now.

One, you need to fix the filter and you need to get the sand out of your pool.

So here’s how to fix a broken pipe or lateral.

It’s actually more common for the laterals to crack than the standpipe, but you may need to replace both.

All you have to do is follow the same process you use when you change the sand in your filter.

You’ll just add one additional step which is replacing the broken pieces inside your filter.

Before you add new sand and you want to make sure you check the O-ring or washer at the top of your filter.

Now once you’ve replaced all the broken parts and put your filter back together, you can start to get the sand out of your pool.

And if the sand filter has dumped a bunch of sand into your pool, it should be fairly concentrated below the return.

Step number one, you want to use a pool brush to brush all of the sand into one area or a few concentrated areas.

brush sand into one area
How To Get Sand Out Of Your Pool?-brush sand into one area

Step number two, you vacuum all the sand out of your pool as quickly as possible without kicking up any sand.

vacuum without kicking up sand
How To Get Sand Out Of Your Pool?-vacuum without kicking up sand

And the sand will just enter your filter system and stay there.

Step number three, test and balance the water with test strips or a liquid test kit, and add any chemicals if necessary.

test and balance your water
How To Get Sand Out Of Your Pool?-test and balance your water

But what if you have sand in your pool, but you don’t have a sand filter?

Let’s say you find something in your pool that looks like sand, but you don’t have a sand filter and you don’t live anywhere near a beach.

Well, we have a bit of bad news for you.

It actually may be yellow pool algae, also called mustard algae.

Now to test this, use the pool brush and brush it around a little bit.

Now remember,if you find sand in your pool,you’ll need to take care of this problem as soon as you notice it.

The more sand you allow to get into your pool, the more work it will be to remove it.

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