How To Clean Above Ground Pool

How To Clean Above Ground Pool
How To Clean Above Ground Pool

How To Clean Above Ground Pool? Dirt is gonna get into your Intex pool no matter what, but your pool is like every other pool out there, every other above-ground pool, it is no different.

But because you have a smaller Intex or EasySet pool, you have a few more options at your disposal.

Let’s dive in.

All right quick disclaimer.

I wanna talk about the term Intex pools.

Intex is a brand name, they go by many names, these pools.

There’s Intex, there’s EasySet, there’s a quick set up, there are blow-up pools, they are all the same thing.

They’re small, above-ground pools that you can quickly set up and break down if you need to every year.

And also just because we’re gonna talk about pool care, everyone’s got a different opinion on how to take care of your pool and all of them are their own way, just follow somebody you trust.

If you trust us at Swim University, this is just how we do it.

How To Clean Above Ground Pool

How To Clean Above Ground Pool

So let’s get into it.

Okay, the easiest way to get the dirt out of your Intex pool is to use a skimmer net.

It’s a flat net that you can use to skim the surface of the pool and you can also get debris off the bottom of your pool.

If you’re very diligent, you can keep the bottom and top of your pool free of debris if you just go out there like every day, every other day, and just do a quick skim, a skim on the bottom.

It’s really all you need to do.

Because your pool is smaller than a giant above-ground pool, it won’t take as long.

You should brush your swimming pool just as often as you brush your teeth and I hope that you brush your teeth every day and I guess with a swimming pool you don’t have to brush every day, maybe every other day, and get that debris off the sides, off your ladder, off the bottom, and it’ll just be a lot easier in the long run.

You won’t have any gunk or any like algae growth happening in these little, you know, crevices around the pool if you just give it a nice brushing and you can do that while you skim.

The third thing you could do is you could hook up an actual manual vacuum.

If you have an Intex pool they actually sell these vacuums for your pool.

They hook up to your filter system and they create a suction using the pump and the filter.

It’s a vacuum head and a pole.

You can just push that along the bottom of the pool and it’ll suck up all the debris into your filter system.

If you have one of these quick-set pools, chances are you can get a tiny little vacuum that can help clear up that debris.

And then finally, and I think the best thing you could do, are you can actually get a robotic pool cleaner.

Now if you’re familiar with like above ground pools, traditional ground pools, or in-ground pools, they make these robots that actually go along the bottom of the pool and the sides of the pool.

But in your case, you don’t need that, that’s overkill.

You can use something called a Pool Blaster which is essentially like a dust buster.

Do you know those dust busters from the 70s?

It’s like that, it’s battery-operated, you can attach it to a pole, and it’s all self-contained.

You can just go down to the bottom of your pool and you can use a Pool Blaster or basically a pool dust buster and because you have a smaller pool this is such a great option for you.

You can vacuum the ladders, you can vacuum anywhere you want to.

I highly recommend that you invest in one of these.

It is gonna change your life if you don’t already have one.

So to recap you gotta skim the pool, you can skim the top, you can skim the bottom, you should brush your pool, again, every other day for both of those.

Brush any crevices and just get debris out of there out into the open so it doesn’t fester.

You can use a pool vacuum, a manual pool vacuum, which uses the power and the suction of your pump and filter to lift debris off the ground.

It’s made by any one of the manufacturers that your pool actually is.

Or the one that I highly recommend is getting a Pool Blaster which is basically a pool dust buster, battery-operated, self-contained.

You can put it on a pole, that’s the best option for you.

So thank you very much for watching.


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