How To Clean A Cartridge Pool Filter

How To Clean A Cartridge Pool Filter
How To Clean A Cartridge Pool Filter

How To Clean A Cartridge Pool Filter :Hey, pool owners.This is Rob with Inyo Pools.

Today, we’re going to show you how to clean a cartridge filter.

This is a Hayward SwimClear 200 but the instructions can be applied to most cartridge filters.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is to go ahead and turn off the pump.

Okay. Then, I’m going to go ahead and bleed the air out.

Open up the air relief.

All right.

The SwimClear’s got this lock pad.

We’re going to remove.

Take the lid off and I usually set it up on the heat pump or you can set it up on your deck.

I wouldn’t recommend putting it in the grass or on dirt because it’ll get up in the lid, around the over ring, it might not get a good seal.

All right.

Then you just take the cartridge out, set it somewhere where you can hose it off.

How To Clean A Cartridge Pool Filter

Then what you’ll do is take a high-pressure setting on the hose nozzle and just start spraying it down from top to bottom and just turn it, work your way around.

All right. Then after you’re done hosing it off before you put it back in, I would inspect it, make sure none of the bands are broken.

If those bands are broken, it won’t keep the pleats together and stuff could bypass the filter.

Also, if the cartridge is real soft, you keep push down on real easily it might be time to replace or if you put it back and the pressure on your pressure gauge instantly jumps again, it might be time to replace or give it a good soaking in the filter cleaner.

Then you can go ahead and pop it back in the filter canister.

The lid, move it into place.

Take it down and then we still have our air relief valve open and we turn the pump back on.

The pump is going to go ahead and prime.

If your pump doesn’t automatically prime, you might have to take the lid off before you turn it on.

Go ahead and fill it up with water from a garden hose and then put the lid back on and then start it.

This pump will catch prime by itself so no need to worry about it.

You’ll hear the air being pushed out of the system.

We’ll keep this open until water sprays out.

We have a variable speed pump so it’s going to prime in a higher setting for a little while, for about three minutes and then it’s going to drop down to its normal running RPM.

That’s when I’ll check the pressure because you want to check the starting pressure and then you can adjust this little dial.

Not all the valves have it but you can mark it to where if it starts off at 10 then you can put a little mark there and then once it raises about 10 PSI, let’s say, you check in a couple of weeks it’s up to 20, it’s time to backwash it again or clean up the cartridge.

Now, it’s done priming.

It’s dropped down to its normal starting pressure which is about 5 PSI right now.

If you could see that black needle, it’s on about 5 right now.

Once that raises to about 15, I’ll go ahead and clean the cartridge again.

If you have any more questions about how to clean a cartridge filter or anything else pool-related, you can leave a comment down below.

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