How To Change The Sand In Your Pool Filter

How To Change The Sand In Your Pool Filter
How To Change The Sand In Your Pool Filter

how to change the sand in your pool filter?How you doing? And we are going to change the sand in his sand filter today.

Now, I guess it’s been what, six years?

Since.Six years. Yeah, since we’ve changed the sand in the sand filter and over time, the sand gets, it loses its coarseness.

So it doesn’t filter as good.

So are you ready to change the sand?Let’s do it. Let’s change some freaking sand.

Okay, before we start, we just need to go over a few things that you’re gonna need in order to change the sand in your sand filter.

One, you’re gonna want pool sand, and not just any sand not play sand, but pool sand or filter sand.

A screwdriver, a shop vac, or a big plastic cup in our case we’re gonna use a shop vac today and duct tape.

The first step is we’re going to remove the drain plug and get all the water out of the filter.

So yeah, let’s remove that.

And we’re gonna let that drain for whoever knows how long it takes to drain.

All right, the next step is we’re gonna take off the collar of the multi-port valve and then we’re gonna remove these unions here.

So let’s pop this off, we have two screws here and we have a electric screwdriver.I’ll take that. Yep, collars off.

Now we’re just gonna unscrew the unions.

This particular filter had unions in there so that’s beautiful we don’t have to cut any pipe.

How To Change The Sand In Your Pool Filter

So we’re just gonna unscrew these unions.

So that way we can remove the multi-port valve.

And you wanna be gentle here because there’s laterals at the bottom and these laterals can break under the pressure of the sand.

There you go.Cool.

We’re gonna cover the top of the standpipe with duct tape so that no sand gets inside the pipe, and if it does that sand goes
right back into the pool.

There we go.Cool.

We got the shop vac hooked up and we are gonna suck some sand out of this filter.

This job really sucks.It sure does.

You wanna take the standpipe, lift it up, check the laterals, make sure that they’re all good, nothing’s broken.

You don’t want any broken laterals.

If you have broken laterals sand will get back in your pool guaranteed.

So check it down, we’re going to rinse it down, we’re not going to take the laterals out of this filter.

They’re a little tight and they’re hard to get out.

So we’re just gonna leave it in there, but rinse it down with a hose, clean them out, get the rest of the sand out of the filter and then we’ll go from there.

Now we’re gonna fill the tank full of water, halfway full of water actually.

So we’re gonna wanna replace the drain plug back onto the filter, so that way one of the water just comes seeping out.

I’m gonna grab a hose and fill this thing halfway with water, make sure the standpipe is center inside the tank.

One thing you’re probably gonna need in order to do this trick is a knife, which is this pretty badass knife. I’m a badass dude.

So we’re gonna cut the bag and let the sand just pour into the filter.

Now we have this filter takes 350 pounds of sand, so we’re gonna be doing this what? Seven times, yeah.

And away we go.

Dust and debris are flying out of the filter, don’t breathe that in.

If you have a mask where it, unlike us?

We’re pretty awesome.

So when we breathe it in, it helps us, our immune systems.

No, that’s not true.

All right, we’re gonna remove the plug.

We actually replaced it with the tape wasn’t really working out too well for us.

Pop this back on.

Now, just so we just check the o-ring, you wanna make sure the o-ring before you put it back down is in good condition.

Just bend it in your fingers, and if you need to just add a little bit of lube and that’s it.

So, all right, let’s pop it back on.

There you go.

There you go, you got it.

I’m gonna pop the o-rings back in from the unions.

Make sure those are also in good condition.

Now we’re gonna put the clamp on.

There you go.

All right.

Putting the backwash hose on, a little handy tool you have there. She does the job.

All right, the final step is we’re gonna back wash this filter before we get up and running.

So let’s turn it to backwash.

There you go.

And pump that filter on.

We’re gonna let this run for about two minutes on backwash.

Just make sure this whole filter gets cleaned out.

The next step we’re gonna do is we’re gonna actually rinse it.

The sight glass is showing the water that’s coming out of the filter, so once that runs clear, then we know that all that debris and stuff is out of the filter system.

All right, now, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna turn the multi-port valve from backwash to rinse.

And we’re gonna let this run for one minute.

The final step is we’re gonna turn this to filter and we’re gonna be completely finished.

One little turn, boom.

What you wanna do is make sure the pump’s primed, let this thing run, and we’re gonna take a look at the pressure gauge over here, and whatever the pressure gauge is running at, that’s the normal pressure that you’re gonna always wanna keep it close to.

Now the pressure is a little over 10 PSI, which is beautiful.

When this goes about 10 pounds over that particular pressure is when you’re gonna wanna backwash it.

All right, we successfully changed the sand in your sand filter.

It’s running at 10 PSI, it’s got good pressure.

As you can see the waterfalls running it looks beautiful and that’s it.


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